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Our hosting services range from web hosting to lightning-fast dedicated servers.


Budget-friendly shared hosting.

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Simple setup

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Lightning-fast speed.

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SSD powered, unlimited traffic.

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Self managed or managed.

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Windows web hosting.

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What hosting do I need?

We offer hosting services that are guaranteed to meet your business's needs from budget-friendly shared hosting to dedicated servers.

Affordable, Budget-Friendly.

Web hosting is a hosting service that shares resources between users. Due to this, it is typically the cheapest method.

Greater Power.

Virtual Private Servers (VPS) and Business Hosting are hosting services that create and dedicate specific portions from a web server's capacity and process them to each customer.

Maximum Power, Dedicated.

Dedicated servers are typically the most expensive hosting service; however, this comes with a premium price tag. Dedicated servers offer unlimited resources; they also allow you to choose between full root access or a managed plan.

Insight into hosting

What is hosting?

Every website on the internet has a hosting service or plan. These plans can range from shared hosting right through to dedicated servers. The amount of resources, storage, and features needed is what makes up your hosting plan.

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